Why Hire a Bookkeeping Company?

  Outsourced professional services cost less than hiring an employee for the same work (no employer taxes or benefits).

  • Contracted, monthly-rate services means you get the stated work completed each month with no worries about the number of hours it takes.
  • You have more time to focus on business growth and operations.
  • You get a professional, trained bookkeeper dedicated to that one singular task.

Why Hire Cooks Bookkeeping?

We Protect Our Clients from Fraud and Errors

  • Discovered unreimbursed job-related expenses in excess of $1000 for a single individual
  • Caught numerous unauthorized transactions on client credit and debit cards
  • Detected incorrect employee withholdings
  • Corrected sales tax charges for non-profit organizations
  • Researched incorrect data reporting on 1099s

We Assist Our Clients in Improving Their Financial Standing

  • Tracked profitability of individual business locations through data management and reporting
  • Developed timely payment practices to remove late fees
  • Planned credit pay-offs to reduce interest expenses
  • Created payables workflows to improve timeliness and reporting

We Streamline Processes

  • Developed information and project workflows to increase efficiency and reduce errors
  • Created a standardized product delivery timeline and communications process to ensure timely project completion
  • Utilize, always, cloud-based software and meeting tools so we can serve clients from all over the United States

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