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Why Hire Chantal’s Bookkeeping?

So you can

  • gain time to focus your talents where you shine best.
  • leverage skilled professionals who actually love what they do.
  • know what to expect for cost and completion with monthly rates services.
  • spend less by outsourcing than you would by hiring an employee for the same work.

And then there’s this:

Your services are LITERALLY the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. Thank you so so much. ~ Meg C.

What Other Clients Say

What’s In a Name?

Cooks Bookkeeping is the niche name selected to go with the food industry clients we originally intended to serve. We do have food industry clients, but we also have a whole lot more than that!

Most people are logical enough to understand that the name is not a declaration of nefarious intent. On the contrary, the stellar service we provide has elevated the term in the minds of our clients.

Nevertheless, there are a few out there who are troubled by it, so we decided to set up a dba. Welcome to Chantal’s Bookkeeping.

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