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Being In Charge

Being In Charge

Many small business owners like to be in charge.  It’s what makes them owners rather than the employees. However, being in charge does NOT equate with doing everything yourself. On the contrary! Being in charge is largely composed of

utilizing expertise wherever it is found for the betterment of your business

Sometimes that will be found in you.  And sometimes it won’t. Your particular list of do-it-yourself tasks will look completely different than mine.

So how do we figure out what to do ourselves and what to hand off? One really good indicator is

What Do You Enjoy?

What made you go into business in the first place? Was it product creation? Do you thrive on customer contact? Is marketing your forte?

No matter what aspect of business ownership you love best, it’s a sure bet that’s a good place to focus your energies.

Another is

What Are You Good At?

Chances are great that you have multiple skills you are employing in your business. Chances are equally great that you have a number of areas where–let’s face it–you stink. Those stinky areas are a pretty good place to start looking for outside expertise.

And a third,

What Is Taking Too Much of Your Time?

Any task that takes a huge chunk of time away from other equally–or more important–business tasks is an excellent candidate for outside expertise. For example, you might be great at marketing, but if it is taking away from product design, you’re shooting your business in the foot.  You can’t market a product you haven’t created, or produced.

And finally,

Is It Getting Done?

No matter what the reason, any business task that is not getting accomplished–and needs to be–is a candidate for outside expertise.

Oh, sure, we all have big dreams for how we’d like to grow our business, and those things can happen in time with a solid business plan and financial management. But some business tasks, like bookkeeping and marketing, are essential to the health and well-being of every business.

If you

  • Don’t enjoy
  • Aren’t very good at
  • Spend too much time on
  • Aren’t completing

those or any other tasks, it’s time to seriously consider seeking outside expertise for the health and prosperity of your business.

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