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Paperwork Management

Paperwork Management

Paper clutter is ALWAYS a challenge, and never more so than when it comes to important papers like business receipts!

How can we reduce this clutter and keep those receipts organized and ready for tax time?


First method, if you want to stick with hard copy receipts, is to file them. Throw them in a folder and sort them at the end of the year. Not fantastic, but at least you’ve got them all together in one place.


Second method improves on that slightly. Sort and file. Create separate folders or envelopes for each type of expense or receipt.


If you’d like to reduce paper clutter dramatically, and not have to worry about faded receipts, then it’s time to move into electronic storage.

Lots of options for this.


One is you can take pictures with your phone and store them in a digital folder, even sorted if you want.


Two is scanning and saving to your hard drive or a cloud-based drive storage such as

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox

Many of these options are free.


A really fantastic option that I like is Hubdoc. It builds upon cloud-based storage by giving you four options for getting your receipts stored digitally:

  • Automatic import from vendor
  • Photograph and send by phone through Hubdoc app
  • Scan and upload
  • Email

This one costs. There are other similar programs out there.

It is designed to automate the process of getting your receipts into your bookkeeping software (and thus categorized and ready for tax time) and works with QuickBooks Online and Xero. A QBO or Xero certified bookkeeper can help you with this process.


What methods do you use for document management?

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